Choice Partners Energy offers energy management and sustainability services through qualified contractors that reduce energy rates now and in the future. From energy audits to aggregation, our energy partners perform risk management, rate analysis, and energy purchase solutions to fit your budget.

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Your Energy Contractors from Choice Partners

Choice Partners Energy provides contractors that help governmental entities exercise power over energy costs. As a cooperative program within Choice Partners, Choice Partners Energy can conduct energy audits, implement recommendations, demonstrate conservation through management and broker energy purchases to obtain the lowest possible energy costs.

Energy is a lot like other commodities, you can shop for the best price; but unlike other commodities, you have to know how to compare offers from different wholesalers and retailers. What might sound like a good deal could cost more in the long run, and the lowest unit price might not always consider all the factors and actually be the best option for some customers. Choice Partners Energy vendors have years of experience in negotiating the best price and the highest reliability. Let the expert energy vendors and contractors advise you on your best energy option, including aggregation.

House Bill 3693 mandated that governmental agencies set firm energy conservation targets, closely monitor and report their progress toward those goals. To assist agencies in managing this process, the Choice Partners Energy comprehensive energy program provides its members with services that help meet those targets, including energy auditing and retrofitting, conservation training and management, and innovative energy choices.

Contact the best energy contractors with government-awarded contracts through Choice Partners at 877-696-2122 for more information of e-mail us at info@choicepartners.org.