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Energy Audits & Evaluation

Do you know how much you might be losing in processes or in overpaying your energy costs? It’s not unusual for a facility to save up to 50% on energy consumption after completing and implementing an operational energy audit.

According to the Texas State Energy Conservation Office, “In many cases, 25% or more of a facility's utility bill can be attributed to inefficient equipment and building operation procedures and is therefore paid unnecessarily.”

Choice Partners Energy consultants and contractors work with your team in several ways: 1) an operational energy program analysis, 2) energy consumption and electricity/fuel pricing and 3) installation of energy efficient products, which can be performance guaranteed.
Operations analysis
Our experienced facilities personnel can help you become more efficient by helping you establish a culture of energy efficiency. They will analyze and help improve What your M&O staff are doing by determining Why, Where, When and Who of their actions.
Energy consumption
Our team members and contract holders establish and create an energy consumption baseline by reviewing utility bills and analyzing your energy consumption history. To create a realistic energy savings goal, it’s important to know your past and current usage. It’s also imperative to compare your facility’s performance to other similar buildings in order to create an energy benchmark. We can show you how your facility is performing compared to buildings with similar square footage, climate and load factor profiles (a measure of the uniformity and efficiency with which electrical energy is being used during specific time periods).
Energy "efficient products"
Once benchmarking is complete, an energy auditor will review each of your energy-using systems, supplying you with information about your facility’s problem areas and give you specific recommendations for energy saving projects, such as equipment replacement or retrofitting, to reduce your consumption and maximize savings.