Facility Adaptation Plan

Once your energy evaluation is complete, it’s time to make a plan. Choice Partners Energy will help you define each step to determine and implement exactly the right solutions to meet your facility’s energy savings goals.  Every item in your plan will be customized to meet your specific requirements such as:

  • Low or no cost options, such as arranging work schedules to reduce peak energy demand by shifting some electrical use to other time periods
  • Retrofitting of electrical appliances, lights or windows to make better use of energy and reduce waste
  • Installation of high-grade of insulation and/or weather-stripping
  • Utilizing new technology for heating water, regulating your buildings’ ambient temperature or real-time tracking of energy usage
  • Comprehensive renovation of heating or cooling systems using such energy efficient alternates as geothermal heat pumps or evaporative cooling.

Whether you need to renovate and remodel, retrofit or replace, Choice Partners Energy can take you from a comprehensive audit to a complete plan that provides  real cost-savings on your energy expense.